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Engr. Chief G. Massari & Engr. Emeka Ezeh DG, BPP

L-R: Engr. Iwenofu, Engr. Battah, Engr. Emaka Ezeh, Engr. G. Massari & Engr. Ezeh's PA.










The Board of Governors of the Institute of Appraisers and Cost Engineers led by the Chairman of the Institute Engr. Chief Giandomenico Massari FNSE, were guests of the Director General of Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) on September 21st 2010. The chairman of the Institute congratulated the DG of BPP, Engr. Emeka Ezeh FNSE on the successful stakeholders’ workshop organized by the bureau and pledged that the institute would participate in all future endeavours of the bureau  whenever it is called upon. After keeping the DG of BPP updated on the recent activities of the institute, the chairman also promised to send regularly the Newsletter of the institute to BPP.
The DG of BPP, expressed gratitude for the participation of IACE during the BPP Stakeholders Workshop and opined that the professional input of the institute would always be welcomed and accepted by the BPP. The DG also informed the institute to keep up to date on its manuals and briefs to enhance collaboration between both parties. He also informed the institute on the upcoming workshops initiated by the BPP to commence in all the geopolitical zones and that IACE should participate fully. The DG also encouraged the institute to engage the media regularly so that beneficial information regarding efficient cost management and control is made available to the public.