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Engr. Chf Olumuyiwa Alade Ajibola FNSE NSEPresident (Left) & Engr. Chf G. Massari FNSE IACE Chairman(Right)









The  Board of Governors of the Institute, comprising the Chairman  Engr. Giandomenicco   Massari  FNSE, the  Secretary  Engr. Ike  Iwenofu   MNSE,  the   Administrative  Secretary   Mr   Raphael   Aigbugui, paid a visit to the President, the Nigerian   Society Of Engineers,   Engr. (Chief)  Olumuyiwa   Alade Ajibola FNSE, On  the  4th of November   2010 at his office. The session started  with the secretary of the Institute  introducing the members of the  Institute present at the courtesy visit to the  President  NSE. He then went on to congratulate the president on his appointment to the position and commended him on his good performance so far.

This then paved way for the Chairman’s  opening remarks were he expressed his happiness  at being received  by  the  President,  NSE. He highlighted the accomplishments  of the Institute in the recent  past  to include the liaisons with NEPZA  (Nigerian Export Processing  Zones Authority), the workshop with  BPP  (Bureau Of Public Procurement) ,the outreach to the Director General Raw Materials and the recently concluded training  programme  handled by the  Institute. Also he presented some gift items to the President  NSE ,and the most recent copy of the Institutes  Newsletter.

The  Chairman then spoke about the courses run concurrently with the courses of the Institute by another  member of the  NSE  and pointed out how that singular act conflicted with the standards of the  IACE. The Chairman rounded off by  saying he would appreciate the Presidents  input and decision regarding the matter.

The President  NSE   then took the floor and expessed his pleasure  at making   Board Of  Governors, IACE’S  acquaintance. He revealed that he has always respected what the  IACE stands  for and that the IACE should do more to propagate its ideals and message to the general public through the mass media and other legitimate avenues.

Regarding the IACE’S  competition,  he promised to assist in any  way  he can but stressed that the IACE  should set the ball rolling by initiating a dialogue with Engr   Amao and   figure out the best way to resolve the matter. He promised to step In  at such a time the issue would require  his  attention.










IACE Board of Governors and NSE President (2nd left)

Engr. Chf Olumuyiwa Alade Ajibola FNSE NSEPresident (Left) & Engr. Chf G. Massari FNSE IACE Chairman(Right)