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Past Conferences

2012 National Technical Conference

The 2012 National Technical Conference with the theme: "Engineering Economy As A Key Driver For Sustainable Development in Nigeria" was held at the auditorium of the Raw Material Research and Development Council in Abuja on Tuesday 5th June 2012.
The Chairman of the conference was Engr. Mustapha Balarabe Shehu FNSE, the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

The Special Guest of Honour was the Honourable Minister of State, Power, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku.

During the conference, the following papers were presented:

1. Welcome Address by the Chairman Institute of Appraisers & Cost Engineers Engr. Chief Giandomenico Massari, FNSE.

2. Lead paper presentation on Engineering Economy as a Key Driver for Sustainable Development in Nigeria by Engr. Prof. Peter A. Onwualu, FNSE, Director General of Raw Materials Research and Development Council.

3. Engineering Economy as the Main Determinant for Choice of Alternatives and Profitability in an Enterprise by Engr. Prof. Peter A. Onwualu, FNSE.

4. Engineering Valuation as an Instrument for Management of Industrial and Infrastructural Assets by Engr. Otis Anyaeji FNSE.

5. Cost Engineering in the Manufacturing Sector of the Economy of the Economy: The Nigerian Experience by Engr. Dr. Charles Mbelede, FNSE

6. Valuation of Marine Vessel by Engr. (Rear Admiral) Ijioma Emeraku

7. Cost Engineering Applications in Enhancing Productivity in the Construction Industry by Engr. Tope Oribuyaku, FNSE

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2010 National Technical Conference:

Keynote Address by Engr. Otis Anyaeji, FNSE.

Cost Engineering Practice in 21st Century Nigeria by Engr. Dr. Charles Mbelede, FNSE

Prospects and Challenges of Engineering Valuation Practice in Nigeria by Engr. Battah Y. Ndirpaya, MNSE

Report on 2010 Conference and Dinner

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2010 Conference and Dinner in Abuja









2011 National Technical Conference

The 2011 National Technical Conference with the theme: “Valuation and Cost Engineering Applications in Transportation” was held on 19th—20th September, 2011 at the Raw Materials, Research & Development Council Auditorium, Aguiyi Ironsi Road, Maitama, Abuja. Later in the evening, a dinner
was held at the New Chelsea Hotel, Abuja.

Welcome Address by the Chairman, Institute of Appraisers & Cost Engineers, Engr. Chief Giandomenico Massari FNSE, ASVal, ASCostE, ASEEcon, at the 2011 Annual National Technical Conference.

During the conference, technical papers were presented by:

Engr. Otis Anyaeji FNSE F. Val, FCostE, AEcon on:
Cost Engineering of Pipelines for Fluid Transport
Engineering & Economic Planning for Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution.

Engr. Dr. Charles Mbelede PhD CEng, FIEE, FNSE, FCIBSE, FACostE, FCCM, MASME, MAPM on:
Application of Cost Engineering Priciples in Transport Engineering

Engr. Battah Ndirpaya MNSE, ASval, ASCostE, AEEcons on:
Motor Vehicle Valuation

Engr. Chima Onyejekwe MNSE, MIET, AcostE, AvalE on:
Engineering Economy Study in a Transport Industry

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